Wellbeing & Counselling

Within the world of work, the pursuit of workplace wellbeing has become more important than ever. Recognising this, we offer a range of services aimed at improving the mental and emotional health of employees across various sectors.

Comprehensive Counselling Services in Glasgow

Our dedicated counselling services in person and online sessions cater to the diverse needs of the workforce. We understand the unique challenges faced by employees and provide tailored solutions to address them.
Workplace wellbeing is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. In a dynamic work environment, counselling plays a crucial role in maintaining employee health and productivity. Our services are designed to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees, fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.

Stress Management and Mental Health Support

Effective stress management is key to maintaining a positive work environment. We offer specialised programs focusing on reducing workplace stress, enhancing overall mental health and wellbeing.

Stress Management

Our stress management programs are designed to identify and alleviate stressors within the workplace. Through practical workshops and individual counselling, employees learn to manage stress effectively, leading to a healthier work environment.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is a priority in our counselling services. We provide support and resources to address various mental health issues, ensuring that employees have the necessary tools to maintain their mental wellbeing.

Tailored Wellbeing Workshops and Training

Our wellbeing workshops and training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of businesses in Scotland.

Wellbeing Workshops

These workshops provide practical strategies and tools for enhancing workplace wellbeing. They are designed to be engaging, informative, and beneficial for both employers and employees.

Training for HR and Managers:

Training for HR professionals and managers is crucial in fostering a supportive work environment. Our programs equip them with the skills needed to effectively support their teams’ mental and emotional health.

FAQs on Wellbeing and Counselling Services

What types of counselling services are offered in Glasgow?

We offer a comprehensive range of counselling services, including individual counselling, stress management, marriage and relationship counselling. Which can be done both in person or online.

How can counselling improve workplace productivity?

Counselling can significantly improve employee morale and productivity by addressing mental health issues and reducing workplace stress.

Are the counselling services confidential?

Yes, all counselling sessions are strictly confidential, ensuring the privacy and comfort of all participants.

Can counselling help with work-life balance?

Absolutely. Our counselling services aim to help employees manage stress and improve their overall work-life balance.

What kind of support is available for mental health issues?

We offer a range of support for mental health issues, including one-on-one counselling, workshops, and resources for self-help.

How can managers support employee wellbeing?

Managers can support employee wellbeing by encouraging open communication, recognizing signs of stress, and facilitating access to counselling services.